Christopher Keane Moves to eProdigy, is Named Director of Underwriting


NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2015 — eProdigy LLC, a FinTech holding company specializing in alternative lending, has appointed Christopher Keane as Director of Underwriting. Prior positions include 15 years at First Data, where as Director of Underwriting, he was responsible for the processing of approximately twenty-five thousand new merchant bankcard applications monthly.
With that experience in back-end risk management and front-end underwriting, he brings to eProdigy a deep understanding of the procedures, policies and best practices needed to sustainably scale eProdigy’s Merchant Cash Advance business. In turn, this will optimize eProdigy’s underwriting decisioning performance beyond its cutting-edge lifecycle management platform, 1Workforce, to accelerate applications that should qualify and filter out those that shouldn’t.

David Rubin, CEO of eProdigy, comments: “Chris is the latest addition to the formidable and world-class management team we have been quietly assembling at eProdigy, and we’re delighted to have him. Coming from the merchant card space, his experience growing that business has a direct correlation to the alternative lending industry, providing us with a deep capability to optimize approvals for top line revenue while nurturing risk management strategies that keep losses at a tolerable rate.”

Notes Keane: “This is the perfect time to join eProdogy. The company is at that cusp where with the right balance of acceleration and controls, and given massive demand for alternative finance products, it can scale both massively and prosperously. The balancing act is to increase revenues and manage losses, and eProdigy is at a mature enough stage to recognize this.”

“You can write a million loans, but at a certain point losses can materialize, making you unprofitable or worse, obsolete,” agrees Rubin. “We believe that Chris will drive our expansion with lower-risk and higher quality revenue.”

“1Workforce creates a pipeline that wouldn’t otherwise come eProdigy’s way,” agrees David Rubin. “We believe it will drive a significant portion of our future business, while providing other funders the opportunity to considerably streamline and speed up their own underwriting. Those funders who have rightly put their trust eProdigy using 1Workforce, have been able to reap the rewards of utilizing our system.”

About eProdigy

eProdigy is a FinTech holding company serving the alternative finance industry by providing products, services and a lending platform through its subsidiary companies: Capital Stack, ACHCapital, eProdigyACH DBA ACHBanking, eProdigy Loans, and 1Workforce. In addition to providing small businesses with cash advances and originating loans, the company makes its technology enabled financial and servicing platforms available to ISOs and other funders. Capital Stack is also the co-founder and 50% owner of DailyFunder, an online forum and publication that covers the alternative finance industry.

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