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Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager (1)

Your small business might be on social media, but do you have the right people running your accounts? Two positions that appear to overlap and aren’t always acknowledged as separate roles are the community manager and the social media manager. Each has a specific purpose, and it’s a good idea to use both in order to have a fully formed social media program.

Social Media Manager: Strategy and Content

Social media managers create and curate the content that gets published on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They develop and manage content calendars, write copy, schedule posts, and will oversee the creation of social content (like photos and video) that will be made in-house. A strategy is developed to deploy this content at the right time, to the right audience, in order to promote the best engagement rates. Social media managers also handle a brand’s online reputation by creating content, responding to comments, and answering questions as the brand.

Each channel is always changing, as social media managers work to improve content using the data they collect. They will analyze the past successes and failures from previous efforts, research new ideas, and reorganize their strategy in order to get better results moving forward. They are constantly trying to improve engagement rates and optimize brand messaging. Social media managers also collaborate with different departments, like marketing, PR, and sales, to provide a universal strategy that can speak to each part of the company.

Measurement of success: According to SumAll, “A social media manager measures success by how much content is published, how people engage with it, what kind of content performs best and what fuels the increase in followers.”

Community Manager: Listening and Customer Service

Community Managers build relationships and provide human insight for the brand. They act as a humanizing face and are the internal advocates for customers. They dig deep into the online community to connect with potential customers, and work to maintain a good rapport with them. Community managers also promote social media events and contests, in order to establish a continuous presence for a brand with their audience.

From a customer service standpoint, they communicate with users who are at different points of the sales funnel. They understand the needs and questions of both customers and non-customers, in order to deal with all inquiries quickly and effectively to provide a resolution. Social listening is an important part of their job as well because they are constantly monitoring all channels for customer feedback.

Measurement of success: SumAll also says that “Community managers focus on earned media and word of mouth. They do this by keeping influencers and potential customers engaged, welcoming new audience members into their communities, and expanding the brand’s visibility through guest posts and opportunities like Twitter chats.”

Many believe that the social media manager and community manager are the same position– while their responsibilities may intertwine, they are two separate, integral pieces of a strong and robust social media plan. Curata has the data to back up how essential it is that brands start investing in the management of their social media platforms, as 70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy.

According to Albert Costill at Search Engine Journal, the top content marketing challenges business owners face today are “…a lack of time to create content (51%), producing enough content variety/volume (50%), producing truly engaging content (42%), measuring content effectiveness (38%), and developing consistent content strategy (34%).” Both the social media manager and community manager roles work together to strengthen your company’s outreach, and it’s important to not only invest in them, but to identify the goals and metrics for each.


How Your Business Can Benefit From Live Video Apps Like Periscope

Periscope_2 (1)

Periscope is Twitter’s foray into live video content. After months of moderate success, the company is announcing an updated app that will allow brands to create permanent content and search for videos. The platform is now a lot more valuable to brands, but here’s how it can be useful to your small business:


The obvious purpose of the platform is to create live streaming video that your audience will tune in to and watch in real-time, but now users can find the content you produce even after the initial broadcast and 24-hour period. With the new Periscope, live events never expire.

Being able to house permanent content makes your channel an important resource for your customers. Live news updates and press conferences can be saved. You can produce how-to guides, DIY tutorials, and Q&A’s and store them on the platform to create a library of videos that will be available long after the initial broadcast is over. Video resources are useful for almost any kind of small business, and Periscope allows you to create content without the need for a huge budget.

For the first time, users will be able to search for the content they want to see. The platform used to only filter by location, but now your customers will be able to browse through categories and follow hashtags, opening the door to making Periscope a live version of YouTube. Now you know that the videos you produce will be disseminated to the most relevant audiences who are already searching for your content.

Customer Service

About 67% of consumers use Twitter for customer service, so it’s the perfect platform for you to connect with your audience. Periscope’s video capabilities can be used in conjunction with your company’s service playbook to offer customers tips and advice based on the resources you are now able to build.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, consider implementing live video support through Periscope to provide one-on-one customer service through a private broadcast. Video support has been growing over the last few years, with the best example being Amazon’s Mayday button on their Kindles that summons technical support onto your screen.

Offering live video support sounds scary and too much work, but it allows for a very personable service experience. As Janet DuHaime, chief operating officer for Visterra Credit Union states, “Usually, there’s not a lot of opportunity for a teller to have much relationship-building with that customer — it’s really money in and money out.” Your support specialists will be able to form  lasting relationships with customers, which, in turn, will help them  form a bond with your brand.

Steer the Conversation

If you practice social media listening, then you know what people are saying about your company. Once you’ve identified what is being said, you can enact a plan to respond. Introducing Periscope to your social media playbook is a great way to help collect feedback and steer the conversation in the direction you want it to go.

In this age, online reviews are essential. According to BrightLocal, 79% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, meaning word of mouth is still very important. As good as positive reviews can be, a video review is much more genuine. Try engaging with your customers by asking for feedback in the form of video reviews. You can share the best ones to give your audience a sense of what your customers think of your company.

Periscope can even be used to showcase your product and get people talking about it. A few years ago, Adobe began using webinars to increase the conversation around their company, and they were able to improve their conversion to sales by 500%. By crafting the conversation around your brand, you can get more people talking and help generate interest in your product. Connect Periscope with your Twitter account to tap into a larger audience while you broadcast directly from your timeline.

How to Communicate in the Office When Email Goes Away

eProd_Phone (1)

You’re used to using email. You’ve used it for years, ever since it was the latest and greatest that technology had to offer. But get this: the digital world is passing it by as Millennials and Gen Z use personal messaging apps, instead of the once all-powerful email. When the younger generation starts a trend, it’s usually a good idea to follow suit in order to keep up with changing technology and give your younger employees a more familiar environment that they are comfortable in. That’s why it’s a good idea to move away from email for your inter-office communications.

A recent study by App Annie discovered that those aged 13-24 spend 3.5x more time in messaging apps compared to those over 45 years old. Younger demographics spend only 1% of their time in email, but 8% of their time using messaging apps. Older demographics use their smartphones like personal computers and still use apps that replicate desktop functions, spending 3% of their time in email and 15% of their time in mobile browsers.

As the usage of messaging apps rise, email usage growth is projected to slow down in the coming years, dropping from 2.7% in 2016 to only 1.2% by 2019. It should be noted that the relationship between the two communication tools are directly related–as messaging app usage rises, email usage declines in turn. While the older generation uses their smartphone to search the web and check email, the younger generations use their apps to connect and communicate with their contacts. Email is less direct than the alternatives out there, making messaging apps the perfect communication tool for a generation born with the internet at hand.

The apps behind Dark Social traffic have taken over. The young people of the world are socializing on social media less and instead are using messaging services to talk with a chosen few more often. It’s why Facebook has over 1 billion active users and also has 800 million people on their Facebook Messenger app. Facebook bought WhatsApp because they saw this trend coming, and now the app has over 1 billion users. After a meteoric rises in 2015, there are now 650 million people on WeChat, 275 million on Kik Messenger, and over 100 million on Snapchat. Private messaging has taken over, and it’s time you adapted to accommodate them.

Having practically grown up with a smartphone in their hand, younger generations are becoming more reliant on their devices, and it’s no surprise that they are using them differently than those who had to adapt to new technology. Are you still sticking to email to communicate in-office? You shouldn’t have to. When considering communication tools for your office, consider what your employees would be open to using. It’s probably a good idea to look at this growing trend and adjust in order to encourage your young employees to communicate with their coworkers.

Try investing in a free collaboration tool like Slack, Stream, Chatwork, or HipChat, which have become very easy and convenient ways for offices to communicate. Services like these act like a messaging app, and users can communicate with the group or have private conversations whenever they want. This is a great way to get your younger employees communicating better and interacting more frequently–which is a good thing!

These tools are not just a way for your employees to stay in contact, it also helps productivity in a way email can’t. According to Slack surveys, companies that have used their service have seen a 32% increase in productivity on average. Slack also influences companies to have 25.1% fewer meetings on average, and 62.4% of users believe it has made it easier to find necessary information by promoting communication and collaboration between team members.

On the management side of things, 80% of users believe that it has increased transparency inside their company, which is essential when appeasing Millennials in the workplace. And 79% say it has improved the culture of the team, making it an important team-building tool as well. Slack also claims that their service has helped companies to reduce their email usage by 48.6%, emphasizing that email is on its way out, because most teams consider it an inconvenience.

Have you ever felt like you get too many emails and it’s just too difficult to keep track of everything? Your employees are already there–follow their lead.

How Small Businesses Can Prepare for a World Without Cash

Going Paperless, app by app_v8 (2)

What if we eliminated all traces of physical money? You laugh, but we are heading toward that eventuality with the increased use of mobile payment apps that allow users to send, receive, and even pay for goods right from their mobile devices. Person-to-person payments have become so common that Forrester Research had to update their mobile P2P projections from $4 billion sent by 2017 to $5 billion sent in 2014 alone. If we’re headed toward a world without cash, what will that mean for the small business owners out there, and what can you do to prepare for such a reality?

Mobile Payments

Restaurants, bars, and small corner stores that remain cash only to avoid expensive credit card fees will be forced to adapt. These business owners will have to accept the fees or find an alternative. Thankfully, mobile payment apps like PayPal, Square Cash, and other such services are already out there today, are growing in popularity, and can actually save you money.

A world without cash might still be another decade off, but there are benefits to beginning the groundwork for that transition right now. These services disincentivize credit cards for businesses by offering much lower fees. PayPal charges 2.9% per transaction and Square Cash Pro only asks for 1.5%. Mobile payment is also more convenient for customers, which they will appreciate when they consider returning to your place of business.


Of course, any transition to a world without cash will rely heavily on technology. Customers of clothing and electronic retailers might find it more familiar to adopt Apple’s model of using iPads to take payments, but all that tech is expensive. Implementing services like Apple Pay and Android Pay only requires a computer with a point of purchase scanner. Customers can digitize their credit cards onto their phone and scan their screen to complete a transaction.

Apple is even introducing a system where customers can come in, find what they are looking for, pay for it on their own mobile devices, and leave with their new purchase. Hypothetically, this could allow you to devote more employees to customer assistance and possibly even schedule fewer people per shift. Since these services make their money off the banks and don’t charge businesses a fee, this is the cheapest option available to you.


In this brave new world, cash-intensive businesses like laundromats and arcades will require huge overhauls when their units are converted from coin operation to ones that take cards or accept online payments. This process will be expensive, so it’s best to view it as a long-term project and begin work on it sooner, rather than later. Start slow with a few units to introduce the concept–it’s better to be first than to have a competitor pop up and you have to play catch up.

Other businesses, like contractors, won’t have so much work ahead of them because they can simply implement mobile payments now and get paid faster. Mobile payment will also eventually replace invoicing because they will record all the appropriate information automatically, making record keeping infinitely easier. Things won’t change overnight, but it’s a good idea to stay ahead on something like this before it overtakes you.


There exist two major obstacles on your path to introducing mobile payments: security and age.

It took a long time before people were comfortable putting their credit card information online, but now it’s second nature. There will be a question of trust, as customers decide if linking their mobile device with your system is a good idea. You can talk openly to them about these services, maybe even advertise them as a perk for using your company. It’s important to communicate that there are security protocols in place in many of these platforms that keep customer payment information private from retailers. Apple decided not to record customer financial records in order to build trust for the Apple Pay brand.

The younger generation is already fairly comfortable with this new way of doing things, but the older generations are going to be more resistant. The United States Census Bureau reports that the percentage of those 65 and older will rise from 13.7% in 2012 to 16.8% by 2020 and will continue to increase over the next 30 years. If you introduce mobile payments now, your older customer base won’t be very open to it, but as more middle-aged customers become familiar, the older generation will be more technologically literate down the road. It could take some time before the majority of your customers are ready to pay on their mobile devices, but be patient.

The use of cash is already declining, so it’s a good idea to prepare for the world to come. Mobile payment isn’t science fiction, it’s a better way for you to do business now, with many real world applications in the present. The faster you adapt, the sooner your customers will as well.