Get More Customers By Going Social

Social media presence is becoming one of the most important ways that businesses engage with their customers. As a small business owner, it’s important to keep your customer base informed and engaged.

Your social media efforts can be a great help-giving you a venue for immediate and meaningful interaction with your customers-but can be time and resource consuming. Luckily there are tools and tricks you can use to maximize your time, and our social media manager has some great ideas on how to manage your presence effectively.

Use Your Time Wisely

Devoting a full time staff member to your social media efforts may not work for your business, you can still develop a great social media presence. Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout do the heavy lifting for you,  giving you the ability to manage, and schedule posts on your time-while creating content for your audience to take in on theirs.

It is still vitally important to engage, and you or another employee should be checking in several times day to answer customer inquiries.

Choose Platforms Your Customers Use

The key to engaging with your audience online is to meet them where they are, and deciding which platforms to focus on is extremely important. Are your customers millennials who use Twitter heavily? Stay at home Moms who use Pinterest? Knowing where they are online can can help you create effective campaigns and posts that they will readily share.

When you find your customers, make sure to interact with them in a meaningful way. Meaningful engagement doesn’t always mean selling. Interacting and responding thoughtfully can help to turn your customers into online brand ambassadors and advocates.

Incentivize Your Followers

Online and Social Media only deals are great ways to drive traffic back to your site.  You can also engage with the more vocal and positive followers personally, to build a strong online rapport.

Taking a few minutes to engage with your customers via social media daily can pay great dividends for your business. Thankfully there are some great tools available to take the guess work out of it and help you target your efforts.


New Year, New Finance Options

When our first Merchant Cash Advance product launched, it was our goal to bring working capital to businesses in the starter ACH space that weren’t able to work with traditional lenders.

In the five years since, we have continually evolved to align ourselves and our business with our merchants, ISOs, Brokers and Syndicates, and the ever expanding Alternative Finance industry.

We still see a strong need for alternative financing options, even with the improved economy, and when we relaunched as eProdigy, one of our biggest goals was to offer merchants a loan option that would more closely reflect the needs of a changing small business financing landscape.

We can now offer merchants a solution that bridges the gap between a traditional merchant cash advance and a traditional small business loan.  By taking the best aspects of each product-the predictable, automated remittance schedule of a merchant cash advance, and the longer terms of a small business loan-we have created a product with the level of flexibility we want to pass on to our merchants as they grow and their needs change.

The lower rates and extended terms we offer