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Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager (1)

Your small business might be on social media, but do you have the right people running your accounts? Two positions that appear to overlap and aren’t always acknowledged as separate roles are the community manager and the social media manager. Each has a specific purpose, and it’s a good idea to use both in order to have a fully formed social media program.

Social Media Manager: Strategy and Content

Social media managers create and curate the content that gets published on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They develop and manage content calendars, write copy, schedule posts, and will oversee the creation of social content (like photos and video) that will be made in-house. A strategy is developed to deploy this content at the right time, to the right audience, in order to promote the best engagement rates. Social media managers also handle a brand’s online reputation by creating content, responding to comments, and answering questions as the brand.

Each channel is always changing, as social media managers work to improve content using the data they collect. They will analyze the past successes and failures from previous efforts, research new ideas, and reorganize their strategy in order to get better results moving forward. They are constantly trying to improve engagement rates and optimize brand messaging. Social media managers also collaborate with different departments, like marketing, PR, and sales, to provide a universal strategy that can speak to each part of the company.

Measurement of success: According to SumAll, “A social media manager measures success by how much content is published, how people engage with it, what kind of content performs best and what fuels the increase in followers.”

Community Manager: Listening and Customer Service

Community Managers build relationships and provide human insight for the brand. They act as a humanizing face and are the internal advocates for customers. They dig deep into the online community to connect with potential customers, and work to maintain a good rapport with them. Community managers also promote social media events and contests, in order to establish a continuous presence for a brand with their audience.

From a customer service standpoint, they communicate with users who are at different points of the sales funnel. They understand the needs and questions of both customers and non-customers, in order to deal with all inquiries quickly and effectively to provide a resolution. Social listening is an important part of their job as well because they are constantly monitoring all channels for customer feedback.

Measurement of success: SumAll also says that “Community managers focus on earned media and word of mouth. They do this by keeping influencers and potential customers engaged, welcoming new audience members into their communities, and expanding the brand’s visibility through guest posts and opportunities like Twitter chats.”

Many believe that the social media manager and community manager are the same position– while their responsibilities may intertwine, they are two separate, integral pieces of a strong and robust social media plan. Curata has the data to back up how essential it is that brands start investing in the management of their social media platforms, as 70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy.

According to Albert Costill at Search Engine Journal, the top content marketing challenges business owners face today are “…a lack of time to create content (51%), producing enough content variety/volume (50%), producing truly engaging content (42%), measuring content effectiveness (38%), and developing consistent content strategy (34%).” Both the social media manager and community manager roles work together to strengthen your company’s outreach, and it’s important to not only invest in them, but to identify the goals and metrics for each.


How You Can Incorporate 3D Printing Into Your Small Business


3D printing has been on the rise in the industrial tech industry for several years now, but only recently has it become relevant to the consumer side of the business. As the price per unit and maintenance costs decrease, more small businesses are seeing 3D printing as a conceivable part of their operations. The global market is swelling and is expected to reach $16.2 billion by 2018, making the 3D printers an important resource for small businesses in many different ways.


Cheaper units and material will obviously help small businesses reduce the cost of production, but 3D printing has had a tremendous effect on the prototyping process. Businesses like Spuni have used 3D printers to create multiple prototypes in quick succession in order to avoid the slow pace of traditional manufacturing and produce them at a cheaper rate. A prototype can now be designed and produced in a matter of hours, instead of several days.

The company produced over 30 different designs of their baby spoon before finally going to market, and CEO Marcel Botha believes that process helped them create a better product. It cost about $5 to print one spoon, saving Spuni 10 times the amount it would have cost from a manufacturer.


Instead of prototyping, many companies are using 3D printing to manufacture their final product. Whether it means printing out important parts, or reducing the amount of pieces needed, 3D printers are changing the world of industrial production. A company called MrSpeakers prints essential parts of their headphones, allowing them to shift toward in-house production as they handcraft their merchandise. It might increase the cost of production, but it does allow them to commit to a certain level of quality, which customers appreciate. Obviously, every business is different, but if the tradeoff is worth it to your customers, it might be an idea worth pursuing.

According to author John Hornick, 3D printing is allowing many small businesses to compete with large corporations. 3D printing is huge in the aerospace industry, and the U.S. Marine Corps believes that the practice will allow many small businesses to compete with the big players in the defense contracting industry. High production costs can take many fledgling companies out of the competition, but 3D printers will help reduce that price and level the playing field for many.


For a small business, creating a design, sending it off to the manufacturer, getting it shipped, and making it available for purchase can take months. A special order that can take weeks to come might scare away potential customers, but by taking things in-house, you can take full control over your own business. 3D printing allows you to eliminate the middleman, making production faster and less expensive.

As traditional production is being replaced by 3D printing, new jobs are being created. Many have started small businesses that create 3D printings directly for consumers. Whether it be prototypes, designs, parts, or simple trinkets, fast and cheap production has its value, and is a good business model to support. There are many ways to make money off of 3D printing, you just have to choose which is right for your small business.

Brian Placios at Big Think believes that “the technology and capabilities of consumer machines and industrial machines will start to merge over time.” Right now, industrial 3D printing is far ahead, with bigger size machines and the capability to print various materials. Airbus expects to be 3D printing thirty tons of metal airplane parts by 2018, and it’s this type of dramatic development which would represent a real game-changer for so many industries. There are many opportunities for small businesses to take advantage of 3D printing, and those opportunities are only going to continue to grow. 3D printing for the small biz owner is the next big leap.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Live Video Apps Like Periscope

Periscope_2 (1)

Periscope is Twitter’s foray into live video content. After months of moderate success, the company is announcing an updated app that will allow brands to create permanent content and search for videos. The platform is now a lot more valuable to brands, but here’s how it can be useful to your small business:


The obvious purpose of the platform is to create live streaming video that your audience will tune in to and watch in real-time, but now users can find the content you produce even after the initial broadcast and 24-hour period. With the new Periscope, live events never expire.

Being able to house permanent content makes your channel an important resource for your customers. Live news updates and press conferences can be saved. You can produce how-to guides, DIY tutorials, and Q&A’s and store them on the platform to create a library of videos that will be available long after the initial broadcast is over. Video resources are useful for almost any kind of small business, and Periscope allows you to create content without the need for a huge budget.

For the first time, users will be able to search for the content they want to see. The platform used to only filter by location, but now your customers will be able to browse through categories and follow hashtags, opening the door to making Periscope a live version of YouTube. Now you know that the videos you produce will be disseminated to the most relevant audiences who are already searching for your content.

Customer Service

About 67% of consumers use Twitter for customer service, so it’s the perfect platform for you to connect with your audience. Periscope’s video capabilities can be used in conjunction with your company’s service playbook to offer customers tips and advice based on the resources you are now able to build.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, consider implementing live video support through Periscope to provide one-on-one customer service through a private broadcast. Video support has been growing over the last few years, with the best example being Amazon’s Mayday button on their Kindles that summons technical support onto your screen.

Offering live video support sounds scary and too much work, but it allows for a very personable service experience. As Janet DuHaime, chief operating officer for Visterra Credit Union states, “Usually, there’s not a lot of opportunity for a teller to have much relationship-building with that customer — it’s really money in and money out.” Your support specialists will be able to form  lasting relationships with customers, which, in turn, will help them  form a bond with your brand.

Steer the Conversation

If you practice social media listening, then you know what people are saying about your company. Once you’ve identified what is being said, you can enact a plan to respond. Introducing Periscope to your social media playbook is a great way to help collect feedback and steer the conversation in the direction you want it to go.

In this age, online reviews are essential. According to BrightLocal, 79% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, meaning word of mouth is still very important. As good as positive reviews can be, a video review is much more genuine. Try engaging with your customers by asking for feedback in the form of video reviews. You can share the best ones to give your audience a sense of what your customers think of your company.

Periscope can even be used to showcase your product and get people talking about it. A few years ago, Adobe began using webinars to increase the conversation around their company, and they were able to improve their conversion to sales by 500%. By crafting the conversation around your brand, you can get more people talking and help generate interest in your product. Connect Periscope with your Twitter account to tap into a larger audience while you broadcast directly from your timeline.

How to Use Social Media to Manage Your Small Business’s Online Reputation

menu_3 (1)

Customer service is important for any small business, but there are ways to use social media to go above and beyond what people expect. As hard as you might try, not everyone is going to have a positive experience with your company, so what matters is how you react to bad publicity in order to manage your online reputation. What you say and do is key to how your audience feels about you. There are three great ways to u8se social media to turn a negative into a positive for your business:

Offer Support

According to a study, 58% of Americans would not use a company again after a negative customer service experience. On top of that, 59% of 25-34 year-olds share poor customer service experiences online. This is why good customer service is so crucial to the success of your company. A bad reputation will spread fast and can be hard to shake off, even if you go out of your way to turn things around. The best approach is to never fall into that hole in the first place, which means taking steps to improve customer service and your reputation right now.

Have a Twitter account? If not, it’s time to make one. You might not need to designate an account solely for customer service issues like many big brands do, but the platform is used by 67% of consumers for that purpose, making it a valuable tool for any company looking to build a relationship with their audience.

A strong customer service game will go a long way toward maintaining the goodwill of your audience, as 69% of Americans would recommend a company after a positive customer service experience. If there are two things that customers value the most, it’s expediency in resolving the issue and quick response time. 71% of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do, and it’s essential that your audience doesn’t think that they are being ignored. Reach out and resolve issues quickly.

Monitor the Conversation

Just because customers are not tweeting to you directly, doesn’t mean they aren’t saying anything about you. Only about 3% of tweets about brands are actually directed toward them. Social media listening is essentially eavesdropping on the conversations happening on social, and it is a very effective method of staying involved in the conversation and getting ahead of any trends you start to see.

Don’t be afraid to search for your company’s name, look up certain keywords, or check out relevant hashtags on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Accounts like @JetBlue do a good job of providing proactive customer service by reaching out to customers who are talking about them, but might not be talking to them. Committing to social media listening means that you’re always looking for the next problem that needs fixing and addressing issues before they hurt your reputation. Publicly admitting that you listened to what your audience was saying and are now taking the necessary steps to make the appropriate changes, will go a long way toward building goodwill with your customers.

Read the Reviews

If you’re a local business, chances are that customers are leaving you reviews on Yelp and Facebook. Just like customer service on Twitter, it’s important to monitor what customers are saying about your company. Word of mouth is key in the online world, as 79% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 44% of customers base their decisions around reviews. It’s important that you know how to respond to both the positive and the negative.

A study proved that a one star increase in Yelp rating can lead to a 5-9% increase in revenue for a restaurant. This is why it’s a good idea to reach out and thank customers who leave positive reviews. You also shouldn’t ignore the negative ones, because 33% of negative reviews turn positive when you respond to them. Reach out to these unsatisfied customers, apologize for their bad experience, and figure out a way to turn it into a positive.

Once you’ve responded, it’s best to continue the conversation in private to find out more about the situation and how you can resolve their issues. Privately offer them an incentive to try your product or service again. Even if potential customers don’t see this interaction, just the fact that you answered a negative review will have a positive effect on how they view you. Who knows, maybe the unhappy customer will reevaluate their opinion and write an update on how you fixed everything.

Managing your online reputation is a job that never ends. Your audience’s perception of you will always be in flux, but if you’re serious about customer service, the positives will always outweigh the negatives.